Athletic Swimwear: Beach Outfit, Gym Outfit, or Both?

The latest trend in swimsuits is athletic swimwear, or pieces that can be worn for exercise as well as common water play. As the designs of these suits and typical gym wear have merged, many people are left wondering if their swimming suits are appropriate for places beyond the beach. Here are some points to consider when you’re debating about whether or not to wear your beach top from the pool to a cycling class.
1. Design
While common swimming suits often feature string ties and looser edges, athletic swimwear offers tight sides with secure strappings. Many tops have racer-back designs that offer a full range of movement to shoulders without any worry of slipped straps or loosened knots. The stylish designs make it tempting to wear your favorite top to places outside of the pool or beach, but there are a few things to remember:

  • Style: There are different styles within the athletic swimwear genre, making it important to determine if your suit features is appropriate for gym wear. If it looks the same as your other workout pieces and those you see at the gym, it’s probably won’t be noticeably different.
  • Cut: This goes along with style when it comes to tops, but is important to consider separately in bottoms. While your halter-style top may be perfect for working up a sweat on the treadmill, high-cut bottoms are probably not going to be acceptable at your local gym. Some styles of active swimwear include boyshort bottoms and even skirts, making these perfectly suited for transitioning from the pool to the gym.
  • Coverage: While some active swimming suits are designed to offer maximum coverage no matter what activity you’re participating in, others are more suited for swimming in the pool.

2. Setting
While many pieces of athletic swimwear are perfectly suited to transition from the water to the weight room, there are some situations that offer even greater flexibility.  Tight shorts and racerback tankini tops can offer less wind and water resistance for increased speed as well as comfortable movement in any environment.
3. Sport
Contact sports require a more protective outfit to decrease injury, making it a less likely place to find swimwear. Certain women may also find that, while the swimsuits are perfect while swimming, they offer less support to the chest when doing activities such as jogging. Swim pieces can be ordered in skirt or short styles, but you may want to consider other ways you’ll use the outfit before you order. If you want to transition it into a sport that is inappropriate for swimskirts, be sure to select the boyshort bottoms.


Fashion Forecast: Summer Swimwear Will Flaunt Designer Details

This year’s beachwear draws creativity from a myriad of legendary and contemporary frills. Plus-size women are shopping for statement styles that they’re eager to buy and wear. Designers are crossing day and evening lifestyle attire over into fashionable swimwear.

Boho Chic
Patchwork dresses. Peasant tops. Fringe detailing. Today’s designers are merging those retro bohemian looks into modern beachwear. You’ll find mixed prints and fabrics, lavish paisleys, crisscross lace-up tops, and nonchalant off-the-shoulder allure. Boho-infused swimwear’s flowy, ethnic, and vintage elements encourage timeless self-expression. Embrace that free-spirited gypsy attitude with confidence as a nude-colored lining peeks through this black lacy one-piece Cutewe swimsuit. Its ruffled skirt reinforces the classic peasant vibe.

Strappy Restraints
An exciting array of strappy styles representing the adventurous bondage fixation are trending for 2017. You’ll notice skin-baring strips in crisscross patterns and straight lines over chest, midriff, or back areas. Maybe you’d feel sexier in evenly structured rows of sleek side bindings connecting separate one- or two-piece sections. This Cutewe neon fuchsia tankini with artistic strapwork is a decidedly bold way to proclaim your empowering fashion dominance.

Boudoir Beauty
Rich in lace, romantic floral prints, embroidered and cutout filigrees, and soft ruffles, this year’s boudoir looks in pretty pastels will exude femininity. Featuring a flouncy halter with ornamental cutouts, this irresistible InMocean two-piece swimsuit is flirty enough for intimate nocturnal encounters indoors yet appropriate for group daytime activities outside. The coral hipster bottom’s ruching is a flattering touch.

High-Neck Swimsuits
Maillot and crop-top two-piece swimsuits with high necklines are popular looks this season. Embellishments from braiding to crochet to extravagant patterns make high necks cool ways to celebrate warm, welcoming weather. Flaunting an elaborately interwoven kaleidoscope of colors, this tribal-inspired tankini swimsuit can take you from outdoors to inside. Fuller coverage allows you to slip into shorts with the halter top to make a presentable appearance off the water.

Print High-Waist Bikini Bottoms
A wide-ranging fad since 2015, high waists are injecting that sought-after vintage quality into contemporary swimwear this year. These reinvented two-piece suits let you reveal some, but not too much, skin in subtle ways. Floral, geometric, digital, ethnic, and animal prints are big favorites for the upcoming summer season. Combining those trends in a delightful color wheel of vivid and pastel shades from turquoise to orange, this multihued garden mosaic two-piece suit will be a hit any pool party.

Other Trendy Styles
Mesh inserts: Unexpected designs always gain notice. This style is similar to the cutout, but sheer diaphanous mesh fills in those bare spaces for visual interest with fabric support. Similar versions feature crochet inserts for enticing peek-a-boo drama. Select swimsuits that show off as much as you dare.

Ruffles: Transferring ruffles from dresses and blouses to beachwear creates adorable looks. Tankinis, swimskirts, and bottoms highlight flouncy frills that make these figure-flattering suits stand out in crowds. You’ll see multi-layered and edge-trimming ruffles that sway gracefully when you walk, run, and dance.

Bandeaus: Traditional bandeaus are bikini tops without any support from straps, cups, twisted fronts, or shirred material. But modern one- and two-piece versions add those extra touches to keep your top in place. Choose bright colors or bold patterns to make fun, flirty, vibrant impressions.

To find these and many other popular styles, browse Cutewe’s plus-size swimwear. You’ll appreciate our diverse designer selection, fast shipping, and lenient 30-day no-hassle return policy.