Plus-Size Swimwear for Florida Keys Getaways

The scenic 113-mile Overseas Highway between Miami, Fla., and Key West ranks among America’s most delightful road trips. Grab friends or relatives to embark on a tropical vacation without leaving the country. Bridges connect the sunny paradise’s three areas where assorted wonders await all ages at 43 populated islands. Pack the latest Cutewe looks for unique adventures at these tempting Florida Keys destinations.

Vacation Swimwear
As a plus-size woman, you may prefer modest silhouettes to bikinis. Shop one-piece swimsuits for sand and water fun. Tankinis are popular two-piece alternatives that hide your midriff. To conceal even more skin, opt for high-neck or skirted looks. Loose-fitting cuts, shirring, rouching, and hidden tummy toners can disguise a thick midsection. Slip into matching or contrasting tunic, shirt, dress, or poncho cover-ups for boating, tours, shopping, and lunch breaks.

Choose Cutewe’s floral or animal prints to match your tropical surroundings. Select other conservative to flashy patterns and colors to reflect your personal style. Or pick dark solids to minimize your curves.

Middle Keys’ Marvels
Grassy Key: The Beach Under Water, an unusual sandbar out in the ocean, is an incredible spectacle. This extensive stretch’s stunning white sand appears almost magically at low tide. Reach it by canoe, kayak, or boat only. Go snorkeling or sunbathe while sipping cocktails. Take your vessel back to land before high tide submerges the sandy mass.

Marathon: Catch beautiful sunsets on family-friendly Sombrero Beach. Experience crab harvesting on a busy commercial boat. During your educational excursion, discover how professionals pull traps. Visit the Turtle Hospital to learn about the surrounding area’s delicate ecology while viewing and feeding these amazing reptiles. Stay at a relaxing resort in homey Marathon.

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Cutewe Swimsuits Bring the Heat

The swimwear line is Cutewe, and it’s chock full of fashionable, versatile designs that flatter all shapes and sizes. The variety of prints and styles available will ensure women can embrace the standout approach Cutewe has established.

While some fashion designers stick mainly to a few basic silhouettes when it comes to swimwear, Cutewe has gone all out. He translates one-piece suits into a romper style with a drawstring waist. He offers bottoms in skirt styles, traditional hipsters, and strappy side-tiers. The one-piece suits in the Cutewe reaction collection are both functional and sexy, flattering and fashionable. Two-piece tops might be barely there triangle style or fuller-coverage bustier types.

Fabric Options
Cutewe has never been one to shy away from bright colors, and his swimsuit creations are no different. The Hot to Trot collection combines blues, purples, and pinks in a tribal design featuring heavy black lines. We love the Women’s Scarves on Deck prints, which offer bandanna-type patterns in blue or pink with black in all the right places.

The designers at Cutewe clearly understand that women, whether they are on the beach or by the pool, might like to cover up a little bit before going indoors or changing their position in the sand. The Cutewe Reaction line offers several fun options for stylish coverups that correspond well to the different fabrics and prints used in the swimsuits themselves.

Fans of the crochet trend may opt for the Beach Bum Solids dress coverups, which come in a variety of different colors. Or, you could don a tunic-length coverup with lace on the bottom and a V neckline when you need to go inside to restock the punch at your pool party. How about a lace-up version with flattering stripes in white or black?

Our Favorite
With all of the options in the Cutewe Reaction line, it’s difficult to choose a favorite. However, for beauty and versatility, we love the Mumbai the Sea collection of swimwear and coverups. Women can find everything from sexy one-pieces to tankinis to halters. The fabric features a flattering black background with accents in pink, orange, and aqua for a distinctly exotic feel. The bottoms tie on the side or feature tabs with a colorful design at the hips. There is nothing not to love in the Mumbai the Sea collection of swimsuits.

Cutewe has infused his Reaction line of bathing suits with a fresh feel and appreciation for the needs of his customers. He offers women fashionable swimwear choices that can ensure they enjoy every moment of their time in the sun with confidence and style.

Get Fit IN Style With Cutewe

Can you believe we’re coming to the beginning of 2017 already? While you’re probably still thinking about mince pies, eggnog and lots and lots of turkey, it won’t be long before we start thinking about the changes we want to make in 2017.

Getting fit is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions and one that loads of us will be adding to our list in just a couple of weeks’ time. I always include a fitness-related resolution in my own plans for the New Year and 2017 will be no different.

This year my fitness goal is to commit to a couple of things I usually give up on: daily stretches, weekly yoga and a cardio routine I can actually stick to! I don’t know how many times I’ve given up on each of these, bchangeut this year I’m determined to see them through.
One of the ways I always motivate myself with a new or challenging fitness goal is by treating myself to some new gym clothes. I write a lot about the psychology of fashion on Cutewe and how you can use clothes to look and feel like the best version of yourself, and it all applies to gym clothes, too. Perhaps even more so.

There’s nothing like pulling on a new top or pair of shoes, so building a gym wardrobe you love is one of the simplest way to motivate yourself. Getting dressed is the first step to working out so if you make that part fun, the rest will follow. Getting out of bed when it’s freezing outside or forcing yourself to go for a run after a long day of work is so much easier when you’re excited to pull on your gym clothes.

I’ve been wearing pieces from Cutewe range for a long time now and it seems to be the range I always go back to when I feel like treating myself to a new crop top or pair of leggings. It’s a really affordable way to pick up fun gym pieces – and the quality is a lot better than some of the pricier brands I’ve bought from before, too.

Most of all, the entire Cutewe range is incredibly flattering and fun to wear. And the new collection is no different: whether it’s a slimming black stripe down the side of leggings or a fun cut-out back that shows off some skin in the most flattering way, it’s sure to make you excited to sweat in 2017.

Pinterest Outfit Recreations

List of the top women’s fashion blogs on the Internet, based on traffic as well as influence over the subject online.
Today I wanted to share some more Pinterest outfit recreations. I adore recreating outfits that I have saved because it allows me to search my closet and really be creative with the stuff I already own. I tried to pick a few outfits for this post that are more appropriate for the holiday season in case you are still in need of some outfit inspiration for the next few says. Alright before I keep talking too much, let’s get on into the outfits!


By the way, these outfits aren’t as similar as some of my other Pinterest outfit recreations! I apologize, but I wanted to really be creative and step out of my comfort zone a bit!
I chose this outfit to recreate because I am obsessed with velvet currently! This dress is a new style here and paired so perfectly with my favorite lace up heels.

This is one of my favorite outfits that I have pinned recently but it was the hardest to recreate. I haven’t worn my leather jacket lately so I pulled the out for the look and paired it with this cozy grey turtle neck.
Well that’s it for today’s post. I am so very thankful for you all and hope you have the best time off. Sending all my love your way. With love, shirley.
Our website concludes any clothes l post.Please

College Fashion:Freshen up your Fits

Women are as diverse as the snowflakes in a blizzard. Some are tiny, others are not, but all women struggle in one way or another to find clothing that fits their body type.

Hi my lovelies! Today I was inspired to do a Spring  collage. Since we are having such nice weather here lately, I figured that it is soon time to put the big winter coat aside and slip into something more lightweight. I am a huge fan of  dfiablo series and everything gray related. Therefore, I wanted to do a collage where I create some looks featuring light colors and mixing them with more darker colors – which is my favorite combo! These combinations are great for everyday  as well as a dressing them up to become a night out look, after own choice. I hope you like this post and I talk to you soon!

 College Fashion is the quintessential blog for the college girl.

It’s no stretch to say that this blog could function as your one-stop-shop for all things related to the female college experience. Not only are there tutorials and guides on how to dress well, but College Fashion teaches you the basics of cosmetic beauty and how to survive college.

Gone are the days of wearing a grey coat, dark leggings, and boots. It’s time to step up your game, college females, and set yourself apart from the rest!

 The site is home to a number of guides that show you how to dress well depending on body type, season, and circumstance.

New Professional Style on a Budget

Looking for quality on a budget? Stylish cupro sleeves and an elegant open neckline accent our new Graceful Sleeve Top.
This long sleeve sweater is very warm and fashion.

  • Material:Polyester Spandex Fleece
  • Fabric Type:Polyester
  • This Item Add Other Colours, See More Details In Size Chart
  • Please Read the Size Detail Of the Product Carefully Before Purchasing To Avoid Returning Process.

The most important is that it’s worth only $7.65.Turn your attention here,please.Cute capris that make you look 10 pounds thinner? You’ll want to grab them in every color!

The dnim jeans is high waist and stretch skinny.It is on dicount for sale at $22.99.Is it cheap?Here are some details next.

  •  Material: Cotton+Spandex
  • Color: Blue
  • Package include: 1 Jeans

From March 2015 to March 2017, I have taken on the ultimate challenge: coming up with stylish work outfits without buying a single new piece. Follow my creative journey that will inspire you to spend less and create more.

Self-esteem doesn’t come from simply dressing well, but they are both something we can control. It’s a missed opportunity when women say they don’t have the money, figure, etc., because style is such a way to help cultivate the way women feel about themselves.

Shop the trend:

Flirting with floral

Have you had the opportunity to visit the beauty areas of our store locations? Let our beauty experts help you find a fresh new you with beauty dresses, topssweater  and outwear .

Self-esteem doesn’t come from simply dressing well, but they are both something we can control. It’s a missed opportunity when women say they don’t have the money, figure, etc., because style is such a way to help cultivate the way women feel about themselves.

You won’t find much in the way of fashion news, but if you’re looking to learn how to be well-dressed in a corporate setting, look no further.

Women are as diverse as the snowflakes in a blizzard. Some are tiny, others are not, but all women struggle in one way or another to find clothing that fits their body type.

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for getting hitched, and all that romance can be tough on a fashionista. Even if your big day isn’t on the calendar this year, your stress level can spike when the weekends start filling up with weddings and special occasions. Photos live on forever, and trying to design picture-perfect guest style doesn’t come easy or cheap. Our solution? Save yourself some trouble, and cash, by doing your own hair for each ceremony and reception. All you need is a few go-to styles and holy grail products. Read on for the scoop.

Lately when I’ve been getting dressed, my style has been accidentally “retro” and I don’t even realize until I’m back looking through pictures. It makes sense since I am so drawn to the retro trend, but I also think naturally my style has been gravitating towards vintage and vintage-inspired dresses.

I’m usually not into fitted tops, I’m more into the flowy body tops, but this one is so flattering tucked into a skirt or bloom dresses. Something about the exaggerated flare sleeves with the tight fit body creates a feminine and flattering fit.

You can find anything you want

Fantastic Curvy Fashion Bloggers

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Lately, I have been really drawn towards curvy fashion celebrities. There is a shift that is happening where more and more media attention is drawn towards curvy women.  With curvy supermodels like Ashley Graham and rising model star Iskra Lawrence,   the fashion world can no longer ignore the fact that they have to be more realistic and inclusive to cater to curvier women.  Fashion retail lines, like  ASOS , are slowly adding “curvy” lines to meet the attention and demands of women everywhere to be more inclusive towards all shapes and sizes.
I wanted to share with you some amazing curvy fashion bloggers  that really show how refreshing and beautiful women of curvier shapes really are.  I know I get tired of seeing the same“type” of fashion blogger who pretty much looks like a model straight out of a magazine.  I, for sure, do not look them and can never look like them.  I am short, have bigger hips, small chest, and a big butt because I am genetically Puertorrican!  These curvy bloggers make fashion more realistic and attainable.
Spring is a time for rebirth and regeneration. Just as nature goes through a period of regrowth and transformation, so do our fashion choices. It is no surprise that dresses play an integral part in creating your springtime outfitting, and this year our dress styling gets a refresh.
Layer dresses and rompers with intimates and long, sensual layers to create a modern feminine feel. To achieve more of a laid-back cool look, pair dresses with heavy knits and jackets tied around the waist. Print mixing and a touch of grunge and shine adds a nod toward the playful side of dress styling.