Enjoy Water Sports at U.S. National Parks

Join the National Park Service’s 2017 centennial celebration to explore stunning scenery and intriguing underwater treasures. Cutewe makes packing easy by recommending plus-size swim fashions for travelers going scuba diving and snorkeling at  historic locales along inland and island shores.

Ideal Swimsuits
Scuba diving: Choose scuba swimwear styles to go under wetsuits carefully. Skip strapless, loose-fitting, string-tie, and embellished options. You may pull off a strapless top accidentally while removing scuba gear. Any unrestricted fabric that shifts, wrinkles, or bunches up beneath your protective outerwear might cause chaffing. Strings can jam zippers. Wetsuits may compress knotted, metal, beaded, or wooden detailing into your skin, causing discomfort.

Select plainer swimwear over fancier ones. Diving gear will slide right over this one-piece patterned swimsuit, thanks to its sleek, body-hugging fit. This one-piece sweetheart body smoother is another close-fitting version that’s free from potentially bothersome adornments.

Snorkeling: Vivid and neon colors in the red, orange, and yellow families will increase visibility and safety. When water sports don’t require wetsuits, you can brandish decorative beachwear with extra frills that scuba gear can’t accommodate. To avoid sunburns while snorkeling, skip bikinis that bare your midriff. Longer skirt, short, skort, and swimdress styles can shield your tender upper thighs from excess sun exposure.

Two vivid coral styles, a tie-strap tankini with medallion buckle and a ruffled tankini with swimskirt, are bold fashion statements that satisfy the above criteria. If you burn easily, also wear this vibrant floral cover-up that protects multiple areas like your shoulders, chest, back, arms, and thighs.

Florida: Biscayne National Park
Best visiting period: Winter Close to Miami’s bustling downtown, this 172,000-acre park lies underwater peacefully. Four marinas provide boat access. Sail to the Maritime Heritage Trail to find a lighthouse and six shipwrecks that are prime diving and snorkeling spots. Enjoy guided excursions via canoes, kayaks, or private charters. Boca Chita, the most frequented key, features a 1930s ornamental lighthouse with observation deck allowing vast city skyline and ocean views.

A boat trip to Biscayne Bay’s Stiltsville shacks will uncover Prohibition-era tales of banned alcohol and gambling. Although hurricanes demolished many original houses, you can admire the seven enduring ones from your vessel. The park issues required permits to tour structures.
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