Picking and Pairing Trendy Swimsuit Colors and Prints

Favored shades for 2017 range from pretty pastel and faded hues to bold and hot colors. Pairing mismatched tops and bottoms is the latest rage. So much fashion diversity allows all plus-size women to choose Cutewe styles that satisfy their unique preferences from subdued class to innovative chic.

Lighter Hues
Want to show off a fabulous tan? Select a nude-colored, white, or muted swimsuit to contrast with bronzed skin.This pale pink ruffled bandeau tankini is an elegant nod to pastel femininity. Other soft tints are light lavender, tranquil blue, and minty green. Faded corals and burgundies also are on trend this year.

Brighter Shades
Many women think dark swimsuits look the most becoming. Not so. When revealing extra skin, choose flattering colors. Sporty chic styles’ vivid color blocks deserve great receptions.

Hot pink is turning up passions for seasonal indulgences. Strike a confident pose in this fuchsia shirred tankini, brandishing a vibrancy that’s sure to evoke compliments.

Fun Patterns
Print swimsuits are flooding beach catwalks. Classic looks boast polka dot, floral, nautical, and tropical motifs. This flowery one-piece bandeau will set the mood for your next island getaway. Or be adventurous in edgier styles displaying animal, military, ethnic, abstract, and geometric patterns. Cool, energizing shapes with quirky color splashes turns beachwear into artwork. Some chevron patterns like this one-piece zigzagged halter make your torso seem longer and leaner.

Mixing Pieces
Swim tops and bottoms with different appearances emerged from fashion novelties to summer 2017 trends. Just choose the best individual size for each unique-looking piece. These guidelines will help you mix and match separate halves to show off your personal style:

Combine two solids in related hues: Pick a dominant shade for your top to draw attention upward. Perhaps select analogous dyes that are color wheel adjacent like this scarlet red bandeau top and high-rise amethyst purple bottom.  A vivid orange top and cornflower blue bottom will pop on sunny afternoons.

Blend print and solid halves: Choose a patterned piece first. Repeat one featured hue as the other half’s solid. The decorative fabric will be the most noticeable, so wear it on the body area that’s your better asset. If your bust is enviable, for example, pair a multi-tinted top with a single-colored bottom. To create your own jungle-themed mix-and-match look, team this animal print bandeau top with this black high-rise shirred bottom.

Coordinate merged cuts:Two-piece swimwear comes in a wide assortment of styles. But intermingling certain halves can create unbecoming fashion statements. Wearing a tankini top with boy shorts when both are long will produce an outdated impression resembling conservative Victorian-era bathing suits. A tankini top and bikini bottom or a halter top and boy shorts will look better.


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