Fashion Fades Style is Forever

I would like to welcome you all to my new blog which I will endeavor to keep you up to date with the latest fashions currently showing.  I personally prefer to base my buying on style rather than current trends as its all about the fit and how a garment suits different shapes.

So I hope you enjoy my blog and get something worth thinking about from all this info, Denim is back in demand and on trend although for me it never dropped off.  I just love wearing denim, particularly jeans.

Hot on the heels of denim is the linen.  A brilliantly cool, comfortable and breathable cloth for our stunningly hot days of summer in Cutewe . For the team at Cutewe , Linen is our staple cloth that we all love wearing during the hottest months.  This summer we have an easy fit ¾ pant, a longer semi track pant and of course our really cool rouched back pant that just rocks out.  This pant has a point of difference with the embellishments of pockets, wide waistband and stud detail-  Edgy yet classic, my absolute fav.

Sooo very comfortable to wear……dress up dress down,  our linens are worn loose, and easy, with longline linen vests, short linen jackets, cotton shirts, sequined tops, whatever your preference is. The word deconstruction comes to mind with a range of varying lengths a personal choice.

Well that is my ramblings for the week wishing you all a wonderful long weekend with plenty of sunshine and great friends around to share your free time with.

Cheers and as I tell my two daxies when we leave home each morning “keep ya kool till after school”  not often adhered to I might add!


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