Wear Slim Bottoms

Many people hesitate to wear dresses during the winter because it’s so cold. While this is understandable, don’t discount the coziness of a sweater dress and the right winter accessories. These dresses are so versatile and can be worn from the fall until the early spring. If you’re looking for a casual dress to wear on the weekend or something professional for the office, look no further than that trusty sweater dress hanging in your closet. Here are some tips for rocking it like a runway model.

If it’s blustery outside, the last thing to do is go outside with bare legs. Luckily, sweater dresses are perfect to improvise with! If your dress is short – hitting above your knee – you can actually wear jeans with it, as long as they’re tapered. Opt for a pair of skinny dress pants or ankle-length jeans. Leggings and opaque tights are also great options for this time of year, and can fit into your riding boots for a polished look, or wedge ankle boots for something a little dressier.



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