Your Spring 2017 Must-Haves

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for getting hitched, and all that romance can be tough on a fashionista. Even if your big day isn’t on the calendar this year, your stress level can spike when the weekends start filling up with weddings and special occasions. Photos live on forever, and trying to design picture-perfect guest style doesn’t come easy or cheap. Our solution? Save yourself some trouble, and cash, by doing your own hair for each ceremony and reception. All you need is a few go-to styles and holy grail products. Read on for the scoop.

Today we’re sharing this amazing look we noticed was very popular during Cutewe. We’re really becoming obsessed with the plus size dresses. They’re so versatile and are perfect layering pieces. This plus size dress is incredibly comfy and soft. Honestly though, we love anything from cutewe. The quality on all of their items is so high and the pieces last forever.

The vintage dresses Blog is fantastic for browsing dress options that meet the triple threat: fits all your stuff, looks sleek, and doesn’t break your back.

With the start of spring upon us, we knew that it was time to start cleaning out our closets and shopping for a new spring wardrobe. Taking a look at our dresses made us wonder about the hidden closet habits of our fellow Americans.



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