Pretty Dress Never Goes Out Of Style

Lately when I’ve been getting dressed, my style has been accidentally “retro” and I don’t even realize until I’m back looking through pictures. It makes sense since I am so drawn to the retro trend, but I also think naturally my style has been gravitating towards vintage and vintage-inspired pieces.

I love  fitted and flared sleeve striped off the shoulder top paired with the suede mini skirt and boots for that modern cool-girl but also a vintage vibe kind of fall look.

I’m usually not into fitted tops, I’m more into the flowy body tops, but this one is so flattering tucked into a skirt or tight jeans. Something about the exaggerated hemline with the tight fit body creates a feminine and flattering fit.

There are tons of nice navy dresses right now in this price range at Cutewe, and the great thing about this one is that it has these curvy seams down the front (easier to see here). I also like the cap sleeves and the fact that it comes in navy as well as “light strawberry.” Personally, I would wear it with a statement necklace to visually lower the neckline, but that’s me.

The slip dress was a huge trend last year and it will most likely continue that way throughout this year. It’s a really great piece when it comes to styling and I really want more slip dresses .

I have created 7 pairings with the slip dress and by swapping shoes, accessories and changing the styling I have transitioned them from day to night. Most of these are meant for the summer or warm spring days but the’re also perfect when traveling (you can bring a few slip dresses to variate.) The point is that the slip dress is extremely versatile and it’s great to have in your closet. (mine is very short but you can choose any length your comfortable in)

Any details you want to


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