Fantastic Curvy Fashion Bloggers

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Lately, I have been really drawn towards curvy fashion celebrities. There is a shift that is happening where more and more media attention is drawn towards curvy women.  With curvy supermodels like Ashley Graham and rising model star Iskra Lawrence,   the fashion world can no longer ignore the fact that they have to be more realistic and inclusive to cater to curvier women.  Fashion retail lines, like  ASOS , are slowly adding “curvy” lines to meet the attention and demands of women everywhere to be more inclusive towards all shapes and sizes.
I wanted to share with you some amazing curvy fashion bloggers  that really show how refreshing and beautiful women of curvier shapes really are.  I know I get tired of seeing the same“type” of fashion blogger who pretty much looks like a model straight out of a magazine.  I, for sure, do not look them and can never look like them.  I am short, have bigger hips, small chest, and a big butt because I am genetically Puertorrican!  These curvy bloggers make fashion more realistic and attainable.
Spring is a time for rebirth and regeneration. Just as nature goes through a period of regrowth and transformation, so do our fashion choices. It is no surprise that dresses play an integral part in creating your springtime outfitting, and this year our dress styling gets a refresh.
Layer dresses and rompers with intimates and long, sensual layers to create a modern feminine feel. To achieve more of a laid-back cool look, pair dresses with heavy knits and jackets tied around the waist. Print mixing and a touch of grunge and shine adds a nod toward the playful side of dress styling.


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