Girl’s ultimate dream


Every girl has a dream. That is, luxury cloakroom, I am no exception.When I saw the wardrobe full of clothes, bags, shoes and so on, I was filled with a sense of satisfaction.Closet is the girl’s heart amusement park.

The “Butterfly” Mariah Carey has a large hat in her in New York Manhattan 12 thousand square foot apartment, there are full of shoes and pajamas, but she still complained here to accommodate all the shoes! “I probably have 1000 pairs of shoes, but most of them are stored because they are not enough.” Cloakroom is designed by Mariah Carey personally, painted white paint wood floor, inlaid with gold leaf pattern. “Like LV’s suitcase, this design will never be out of date.”

More than 1 thousand pairs of brand-name high heels, and the more than 2 thousand precious silk pajamas are arranged according to the color, but also neatly than the store yard!

That’s what I’ve been trying to do.I believe I can realize it!



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